Every student, every day.


Grades Taught



We believe:

  • Parents, students, teachers and the community have a shared responsibility and accountability for a student’s educational and social development.
  • All students can learn and therefore, children should be guaranteed to receive an appropriate educational foundation that meets their individual needs.
  • Every child has the right to learn in a safe, supportive environment.
  • In the worth of the individual.
  • Granum School is an essential asset to our community and is a major resource for enhancing the well-being of all citizens of Granum.

People learn:

  • In a secure and safe environment
  • Through interactions with others and their environments
  • When they take ownership
  • The parts when they understand the whole
  • By connecting new information to old
  • Through trial and error
  • When subject matter is meaningful
  • Through practice using a multi-sensory approach
  • By modeling others' learning strategies
  • At their own speed
  • Through feedback
  • By doing



  • We expect that all interactions with students, parents, staff, community and all others who come in contact with us, and with each other, will be characterized by orderliness, fairness, understanding, dignity, honesty and compassion.


  • To maximize student and staff potential.


  • To act as shapers of what ought to be rather than servants of what is.


  • We value the development and nurturing of all skills necessary to qualify our students, staff and school as valued members of the community.