Every student, every day.

Small School Big Heart


Granum School is a small school with big heart, where everyone feels like family.

We offer an exceptional educational experience and personal attention for Kindergarten to Grade 9 students.

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Academic Success

Multi-age or combined-grade classrooms offer students an enriching learning and social environment where each child works at his/her ability.

Learning, leadership opportunities, and positive classroom culture thrive where students are with children of differing ages, abilities, and interests. In a Grade 1/2 combined classroom, for example, a Grade 1 student who is ready for more challenging work can work with his/her Grade 2 peers in the classroom. While a Grade 2 student who could use more practice and help will receive that additional support. Older Grade 2 students help Grade 1 students understand classroom expectations and model good behavior, while each child can find a friend in the group. Research shows that the multi-age classroom approach supports student success.

Personal Attention

Personal attention and relationships come naturally in a school with 40 students representing about 20 families.

Our staff know each child by name and our administrative assistants make personal phone calls home when it's time for parent-teacher conferences, field trips, and special days. Teachers have a student in their classroom for more than just a year, allowing for positive relationships to continue to grow.

Everyone Belongs

No one is left out at Granum School.

Our students naturally look out for each other and include one another. We have very little conflict or behavior issues, which fosters an environment where everyone belongs and succeeds.

"Family" Fun

Our Granum School family likes to have fun together. 

Students at Granum School have opportunities to participate in extracurricular activities such as Track and Field and Basketball. School-wide field trips provide meaningful experiences that support what’s happening in the classroom and create more opportunities for developing positive relationships. Ski trips, swimming lessons, bowling, and trips to the Calgary Zoo and Calaway Park are possible in a small school and with fundraising from the Granum Education Support Society.

Community Connection

Granum School is the heart of our community.

We are fortunate to have wonderful volunteers in our school. Pal Readers volunteers come in each week to read with students, and our school is a hub for events like the Harvest Supper and Granum Community Association Barbecue. A big thank-you to the Granum Education Support Society for their fundraising efforts that benefit our school.

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