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GESS Committee

The Granum Educational Support Society (GESS) is a committee that coordinates all fundraisers held on behalf of Granum School. This group plans and oversees the Harvest Supper, casino and any other fundraising events or campaigns that may occur during the year. Its members may include parents, staff and community members.

GESS is a registered society and is able to provide tax receipts for donations.

GESS members are:

Chair: Kelli Demaere

Vice Chair: Jillian Johnston

Secretary: Wendy Kennedy

Treasurer: Kate Ellis

Member at Large: Linda Demaere

Member at Large:  Melva Stinson

Hot Lunch Program

Granum School offers a hot lunch program during the winter months. We currently have a nutrition grant that covers the costs.  If there is no funding for a hot lunch program there may be a fee to students.   If you have concerns please contact the school. We have a paid coordinator who prepares the meals and ensure public health standards are maintained. A hot lunch order form goes home monthly. If you do not receive one of these hot lunch forms, extras are available at the office.

Learning Support

The Learning Support Team at Granum School works collaboratively to provide inclusive programs and services to students who may be struggling academically, socially or behaviorally.  The team is comprised of the Classroom Teacher, Learning Support Teacher, Family School Liaison Counselor and Principal.  Together these members discuss and plan the supports necessary to ensure the success of the student.  The role of each team member is outlined below: 

The Classroom Teacher brings concerns, observations and documentation to the table for discussion. The teacher outlines strategies attempted and reports on student successes and needs.  

The Learning Support Teacher, Nick Beer (beern@lrsd.ab.ca) , assists classroom teachers in identifying student strengths. Assessments are conducted and findings interpreted. Case conferences are organized to share findings and to develop Individual Program Plans (IPPs). Direct support with modifying curriculum in the classroom and small group instruction is provided. The Learning Support Teacher oversees the Later Literacy Program, a 10 week intensive, individual remedial program for students requiring intervention and coordinates referrals for students requiring speech, occupational or physical therapy services.

The Family School Liaison Counselor, Karen Sparkes (sparkesk@lrsd.ab.ca), counsels children and their families. The counselor facilitates the development of personal and social skills through preventative programs. Community connections and networks are fostered to strengthen ties between home, school and neighborhood. The FSLC also coordinates referrals to outside agencies and/or pediatric assessments. The counselor is the front line person on the threat assessment and post crisis response team.  

Please feel free to contact any one of us with your comments, questions or concerns.

Learning Support Programs

Learning Support refers to specialized programs and services provided to students with an identified need. These include, as appropriate:

  • Differentiated instruction within and outside of a regular classroom
  • Individualized Program Plans that are specific to the needs of each student
  • Behaviour supports
  • Small group or one-on-one instruction with professional and/or paraprofessional staff
  • Partnering professional expertise in assessment and program planning
  • Counselling services
  • Opportunities to work with mentors
  • Teacher Assistants supporting student learning
  • Accommodations and modifications to the classroom environment or student’s program


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