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Family School Liaison Counsellor

The Family School Liaison Counselor (FSLC) can be reached by contacting the Granum School at 403-687-3734.

The FSLC program operates within the Granum School. A primary goal of the FSLC program is to effect positive change in the lives of children and families through counseling, advocacy and linking with community agencies and resources.

A second goal of the FSLC program is to provide proactive and preventative services to all students to enhance their coping skills and to effect environmental change within and outside of the school.

Family School Liaison Counselors:

  • Develop and provide preventative programs for children/families and educators
  • Establish community networks and liaise with appropriate service agencies in the area
  • Conduct staff and parent workshops upon request, in areas of expertise
  • Collaborate
  • Provide a first line of crisis intervention in the resolution of student-related school/home conflict at the request of parents, teachers, school administration or members of the superintendency team

Family School Liaison Counselors provide a variety of service supports to meet student’s needs in the personal/social domain:

Developmental Counselling: 

  • Facilitate development in personal/social areas
  • Acquire life skills

Individual Student Planning: 

  • Receive referrals for children and families
  • Consider family based needs
  • Provide referrals and information when requested or needed

Responsive Services: Activities that meet  student needs and concerns

  • Consultation with parents, teachers, learning support teachers and/or community agencies
  • Personal counseling  
  • Crisis counseling for emergent situations
  • Coordination and referral of family services when requested or needed

School/Community Support: Activities that maintain and enhance the Family School Liaison Program

  • Needs assessment
  • Case consultation
  • Consultation with teachers
  • Inter-agency collaboration
  • Identification of existing community resources to meet the needs of children and families
  • Involvement as a team member with medical doctors, Alberta Mental Health, Child and Family service agencies, and other appropriate agencies, to assist in improving the situation of the child/family
  • Supporting safe school initiatives, as appropriate

Non- counseling Duties:

  • Maintain individual student counseling files
  • Schedule meetings with students/parents
  • Schedule daily appointments
  • Complete monthly statistics
  • Professional development
  • Connect with teachers
  • Maintain web sites when applicable
  • Other duties as assigned by the Associate Superintendent, Programs

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